Thursday, October 30, 2014


So here we are on the last day of October. And you know what that means, don’t you? That’s right—someone you know will be bragging about how they’ve already finished their Christmas shopping.

Yep, despite the fact it’s still eight weeks away, they managed to find the perfect gift for everyone they know. 

So how did they do it? Well, I have a few ideas:

A. They don’t actually have any friends (which, considering how they’re behaving right now, isn’t surprising).

B. Their friends and family have such poor taste they’ll gladly accept anything they’re given—including Instant Lottery tickets.

C. They‘re one of those annoying people who can actually figure out what everyone wants.

If the answer turns out to be option C, then you’ll be glad to know it’s Halloween and you have an excuse to plunge a knife into something.

Trivial fact: This is actually the reason we have Jack-O-Lanterns at Halloween. (They were originally called Jerk-O-Lanterns.)

Mind you, they may be just as clever and thoughtful with their trick-or-treating. So it’s worth dressing up as your favourite horror character (zombie, grim reaper, telemarketer) to see what you can get out of them. 

And if you don’t get what you want, just get into character and slash/stomp/bore their garden to death on the way out.

Fortunately you don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect gift for your friends and family. Simply rent a TV, home theatre system and gaming console from Home Appliance Rentals and your problems will be solved. They still won’t like the gifts you gave them, but you should be able to drown out the noise of them banging on your door and sending abusive text messages.

But you should probably call them as soon as you can. After all, those pumpkins are going to run out long before the bragging does.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fitness Freak

Summer’s here at last (in fact I think it got here a few weeks early), and it’s time to go to the beach, ride a bike and whatever else people do in Coca-Cola commercials.
Unfortunately, when you start peeling off the layers that kept you warm all winter you may find you’ve developed a few layers yourself.

Of course, the obvious solution (other than hiding in the bathroom and eating nothing but low-fat Colgate for three months) is to head to the nearest gym and work them off. But the last thing you want to deal with is a bunch of sweaty people moaning and groaning for an hour. (And that’s just the staff at the front counter.)

Luckily you don’t have to. Thanks to Home Appliance Rentals you can have fitness equipment delivered and set up in your own home that you can use whenever you want. No driving across town, no waiting around for equipment, and no mirrors!

And forget about the machine where you put the belt around your waist and get shaken so violently you throw up. Home Appliance Rentals can deliver equipment that’s far more effective, such as:

the Treadmill. Step onto the conveyer belt, set the speed, and start running. Pretend you’re competing in a marathon (by throwing bottles of water over your head), or just run to the rhythm of your favourite music. Just make sure you don’t add any slow songs to your playlist, or you could find yourself suddenly being catapulted across the room.

the Cross Trainer. Grab onto the handles, step onto the pedals, and before you know it you’ll be stuck. But if you stick at it, you’ll soon be burning off all those calories in no time. (It’s also a great way to perfect your impression of a robot.)

the Exercise Bike. Remember the thrill of riding a bike when you were a kid—wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth and the neighbour’s dog chasing you? Well, you won’t get any of that with an exercise bike (unless you crank up the air-conditioner). But you can ride for an hour without looking like a human bug zapper and lose weight.

the Rower. If you’ve always wanted to row but couldn’t afford to go to a private school, then this is the one for you. Feel ever muscle in your body screaming out in pain without having to worry about accidentally drowning (except possibly in your own sweat).

Before you know it you’ll be burning off those extra layers, not to mention the clothes you’ve been wearing while you do it. (Washing powders are good, but they can’t perform miracles.)
Now you can stroll along the beach with confidence, walk up to the hottest girl/guy there, and whisper the words you’ve wanted to say for the past month.
“Got any toothpaste?”

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keeping the family close to your chest

It’s winter, and every television commercial seems to consist of a family sitting at the dining table eating a hearty meal together. Of course you have no idea what’s on television because the kids have commandeered it to play their video games.

What the commercials don’t tell you is that after the fifth hearty meal the family starves to death because no-one wants to go outside to get more food.

Let’s face it: no-one likes grocery shopping at the best of times (yet another myth perpetuated by television). But when you also have to battle driving rain, foggy windscreens and people driving 20km/h over the limit so they can “get out of the rain sooner”, it’s downright depressing.

And what’s even more depressing is you’ll have to do it all again next week because that’s roughly how long the food will last.

The obvious solution is to get your food in bulk. Grab your credit cards, jump in the car, and see if you can hijack a Woolworths truck somewhere up the road.

(I’m kidding, of course. There’s no way you’d catch up to them.)

But where do you put it all when you get home? You should be able to fit the cold stuff in the fridge (shielded with a bag of Brussels sprouts to ward off teenagers like garlic wards off vampires). And what doesn’t fit in the pantry can always be put in cupboards, wardrobes and kids’ bedrooms. (They practically live in front of the television these days, so they won’t even notice.)

But you’ll be battling to fit all the frozen stuff in the freezer compartment, partly because it’s so small but mostly because it hasn’t been defrosted since the day you bought it.

Fortunately there’s a simple solution. Just rent a chest freezer from Home Appliance Rentals and you’ll have room not only for your frozen goods, but also the kids if they get too hyperactive.

(We’re kidding. But don’t tell them that.) 

Home Appliance Rentals will deliver and install your chest freezer for you, and then come and take it away when you no longer need it.

Which is just as well, because the kids won’t life a finger.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Go large for your next event

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for. They’re leaning forward in their seats, partly from excitement, and partly because they’re too polite to move any of the cushions.

The lights go out, and then quickly come back on when you realise you can’t see the remote control in the dark. Then they go out again, you hit ‘Play’, and the slideshow/presentation/piracy warning fills the room.

Well, it would if the room was the size of a linen cupboard. Unfortunately your lounge room/function area/venue is a lot bigger, and so people can barely see it. They start shuffling closer, and pretty soon there’s a gridlock of chairs in front of the screen.

And when you turn the volume up loud enough for everyone to hear, it sounds like the speaker that almost ripped out your car window when you left the drive-in.

It’s time to “go large” and hire some event equipment from Home Appliance Rentals.

With a data projector and screen they’ll be able to see everything clearly from across the room, and quite possibly across town. No more squinting, no more cries of “What’s that supposed to be?” and no more spending an hour after your presentation trying to untangle the chairs.

And with these speakers your audience won’t just hear your presentation, they’ll feel it. No need to ask people to switch off their mobile phones. They won’t hear it even if it does ring. And even if they do, they’ll definitely have to leave the room to take this call.

But the best thing is Home Appliance Rentals will take care of everything. They’ll deliver the equipment, and set everything up for you. (That’s right: No more decipher a badly-translated manual that reads “Never to be holding the same plug twice”.)

And when your presentation/movie/slideshow is over, they can pack it all up and take it away again. Which means the only time you have to lift a finger is to hit the ‘Stop’ button.

Wherever that is.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chest Freezers

If you are considering a chest freezer then you more than likely do a lot of hunting, fishing or entertaining. Maybe you have a large family or don’t get to the shops as often as you’d like.

Important things to consider are:

·       Where will you place your freezer?
 You will want to avoid storing your freezer too close to a heat source, such as an oven or near a window with direct sunlight, as this can force the unit to work harder, reducing efficiency.

·       What size will you need?
Bigger may not be better. Freezers less than 2/3 full use more energy, so having a large under-stocked freezer will cost you more money in the long run. Select one that meets your capacity requirements or, if you find you're not utilising 2/3 of the available space, consider adding jugs of water to fill up the empty space to improve efficiency.

·       Interior organisation
 Shelves and baskets make it easier to organise food, helping you to sort new from old so you can prioritise consumption more easily. Movable shelves are generally only available in frost-free freezers.

Renting an Energy Star freezer is the best way to know that it meets certain energy efficiency targets. When it comes to energy efficiency, chest models use less electricity because most are manual defrost and there's less cold air loss when the door is open. There's also less tendency to browse at the contents compared to an upright model.

View our chest freezer models here and talk to us to discuss your requirements.