Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Refrigerator Power Usage

The ratings of the newer fridges are 4 star. This standard was introduced several years ago. There are still a large number of fridges in operation that have ahigher power usage however over time they will be replaced.
To ensure the lowest level of poewer is used in the fridge you can follow some basic steps. Only opent the door when you know what it is you require. Never leave the door open, have the temperature adjusted so the products are cool in the fridge no frozen and thisame for the freezer, ice cream should be soft not rock hard..

Refrigerator Installation

It is always a good idea to have at least 50mm gap around your refrigerator. We recommend that before you purchase or hire a fridge that you measure the available space. Then when you contact our customer service representative you can advise them of the dimensions, that way they can be sure to offer only refrigerators that will suit the space available for rent. This space allows for air to circulate around your fridge and ensure continual and trouble free operation.

Safe Fridge Disposal

A lot of people are unsure how to dispose of a fridge. Councils in most cities will collect them if you ask them or we can remove it when we provide you with your new fridge for a small fee. It is critical that when storing an unused fridge outside of your home that you place it with the door against a wall making it impossible to open.
In addition to this if you are placing the fridge on the road side for council collection you must remove the doors. These measures are required as there has been some terrible accidents with children playing in fridges and getting locked in them, resulting in their deaths.