Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romance for rent

As you’ve probably guessed by all the advertising, it’s Valentine’s Day. (The supermarket chains all think it’s Easter, but that’s another story.) Normally you’d be wallowing in self-pity (the electricity bill just isn’t the same as a card, is it?) and secretly hoping Cupid would start aiming for people’s heads.

But not this year. This year it’s different, because you actually have someone to enjoy it with. In fact, they’re coming around to your place for the first time to spend the most romantic evening of the year* with you.

Then it hits you: They’re coming around to your place.

And now you’re worried that your first night together could be your last.

Don’t panic. Home Appliance Rentals can help you out. Let’s see what needs to be done.

Okay, you might really like sitting in that beanbag, but I doubt they will. And don’t even think about offering to share. How about you stash it somewhere out of sight (the dumpster, perhaps?), and hire a lounge or sofa bed.

Tip: If you hire a sofa bed, don’t have it set up as a bed when they arrive. It tends to give the wrong impression (“I live in front of the TV”).

Speaking of TVs, it’s hard to relax when you’re squinting at the screen. So ditch the portable and hire out a flat screen TV instead. Oh, and you should probably grab yourself a home theatre package so you can watch a romantic movie as well. (The last thing you want to subject them to is free-to-air television.)

Of course, if you wanted to do something a bit more energetic you could… hire out a gaming console. (What were you thinking of?) Whether you’re into the Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3, Home Appliance Rentals has you covered.

Okay, that should pretty much do it. Now all you need is a nice meal (take-out is your friend), some drinks and you’ll be set.

Good luck, and may you get to unfold that sofa bed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* According to Hallmark, anyway.