Sunday, December 22, 2019

Make Being Home for the Holidays Your Best Staycation Ever

With the Christmas and New Year looming closer and closer, the holiday jitters may have already begun to bug you. You’re staying home for the holidays to avoid the hustle and bustle of travel. No searching for tickets, no packing, no driving, no losing your sanity when one of your kids disappears.

But now you’ve just found out that your family’s coming over to spend the holidays with you. Talk about keeping your staycation a secret. Oh well, it can’t be undone. And the best thing you can do now is to deal with it, prepare, and make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Now, you feel like you’ve got a million things to do, and you’re going back and forth with your holiday list. Pantry – check! Ooops, uncheck! Instead of just you and the kids, you’re going to be feeding a whole platoon, at least. Best stock up on your pantry supplies, water, and cold drinks.

After all, you’ve got a grand old backyard barbie planned for Christmas dinner.

You’ll need steaks, chops, sausages and seafood, and perhaps a couple of cheese pizzas for the fussy kids, large mushrooms, and tofu and vegetable skewers for the vegetarian. You also plan on a roast (turkey or ham) and plum pudding for a traditional holiday touch.  Oh dear!  Do you have the space to store everything you need? Then the kids ask if you’re going to be making Anzac biscuits, Christmas cake, and Pavlova. 

Crikey! Where’d they get the intel, you wonder. And your clever little boy says, from the internet by googling “traditional Aussie holiday dinner.” Better turn off the wi-fi for the time being lest more holiday food ideas get into your kids’ heads.

If you’re badly in need of fridge space, you can avail of a fridge hire service, so you get to keep your sanity when the holidays arrive. You can stock up on the ingredients you need for your holiday spread (and more) as early as now, so you won’t be panicking close to the holidays when not even the shadow of a turkey is in sight at the supermarket.

And while you’re at it, include an air conditioner hire to keep family cool, and comfy in the guest rooms (or your room).

You can also avail of Xbox, PS4 and Wii gaming packages to keep the kids busy as the adults engage in a bit of gossip over a few cold ones. Isn’t that the kind of holiday staycation you want?

Well, just don’t think about the cleanup after. Happy holidays!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Achieve Summer Fitness at Home

Your alarm goes off, you dash out the door to exercise, then feel the harsh early morning sun beating down on your face. If you are one of many who dread working out when it’s too hot and sunny, take heed. You can continue to perform your fitness regime even in the middle of summer.  How? By renting fitness equipment.
Whether you're training for a marathon or trying to lose a little extra weight, you can always hire the perfect fitness “partner” – be it a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical cross trainer or rower, or a combination of these. This partner will help you on your journey to a healthier you, right in the comfort of your own home.
There are a number of fitness equipment rental suppliers all over Australia, and the benefits of hiring gym equipment far outweighs the cost. Here are a few of those benefits:

Take control of your time

With equipment at home, there is no need for you to wake up early to head for the gym or jog around the block. You can do your routine in the middle of the afternoon or late evening, whichever is convenient for you.

Perform diverse workouts

At-home exercise machines will afford you plenty of time to perform your workout plans without jostling with others for specific equipment at the gym.

Offer a feeling of safety

This holds true for those who are used to jogging or running on the road while dodging passing vehicles.

Provide privacy and comfort

Having a fitness facility not only offers you the convenience of not having to drive to the gym or waiting in line for the use of equipment, it also eliminates distractions and allows you to not feel self-conscious while doing your routine.

Provide cost savings

Not paying a yearly or monthly fee will let you save a lot of money in the long run.

Use for a long as you need

Perhaps you like jogging outside in the wintertime? Or maybe you work away for part of the year and won't have access to your home gym during this time? When you hire equipment, you are more flexible, and you only need pay for the time you use.

Produce happy feelings

Having fitness equipment at home gives you the motivation to exercise, which, in turn, produces endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ that raise your energy levels and improve your mood to help you get through the day.
So, whether you are a jogging enthusiast, an athlete or a gym rat, summer should never be excuse not to sweat it out. Take control of your summer workout by hiring gym equipment.
Fitness equipment rental firms like Home Appliance Rentals generally offer packages for the rental of two or more machines at competitive prices. They also provide delivery, setup and pickup services.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Why Hiring Appliances Instead of Buying is the Best Choice for Your Rental Property

When you’re setting up your rental property, there are many different factors to consider. What colours will be neutral but approachable, what design will be best for your potential renters, and what should you do about appliances?
Many property owners assume that purchasing appliances is the best investment for their rental property, but that’s just not true. Most of the time, hiring an appliance is a better way to complete your property, make your tenants happy, and protect your finances.

How are they installed?

When you purchase appliances from a store, you are often responsible for bringing them to your rental unit. You may need to either install them on your own, hire a third party to come and handle the installation, or even pay a high fee to have the store install them. A hiring company handles all these details for you. You choose the models you want, and the company delivers and installs them to your specifications.

What happens if it breaks?

Most appliances experience daily use, and sooner or later, they’ll require maintenance. If your tenant’s fridge or oven stops working, they’ll expect it to be fixed quickly. If you have purchased the appliance, you’ll have to interrupt your day to do repairs or get someone in for it. Appliance repairs can be complicated and expensive; if you’re working with gas, you often can’t legally do the repairs on your own.
If you’ve hired your appliances, however, you just call your hiring company. They’ll be in to repair or replace the appliance quickly. If the appliance is broken, they can take it away and provide a new one without you needing to pay for something brand new – after all, it’s included in your hiring fee.

How much does it cost?

The fees for hiring appliances vary, of course, depending on what appliances you need and how quickly. But regardless of the fees, hiring your appliances generally saves property owners money particularly because it offsets the need for a large upfront investment. You don’t need to make expensive purchases to get your rental ready to show, and you don’t have to worry about upgrades and repairs whenever something goes wrong. Hiring your appliances can save you a lot of money over time, especially if you have several different units.
If you’re renting property, hiring appliances is a better, more efficient, less expensive choice for managing your rental units. Ready to hear more? Get in touch with us today.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The top three PS4 games for your school holidays 'staycation'

Congratulations!  You survived the winter school holidays.  The next school break will arrive just as soon as you've recovered from the last one and now that you've used up all your annual leave it's a good time to start planning that 'staycation' and negotiating a 'work from home' arrangement.

If they’re going to spend some time indoors while you get on with other things (like earning a living), you may want to consider hiring a PS4. For a little inspiration on the gaming front, here are our top three PS4 games for the school holidays.

Harry Potter Lego 1 to 7

Featuring age-appropriate scenes from Harry Potter books 1 to 7, the Harry Potter Lego PS4 game provides hours of fun for people of all ages. Unlike the films, this game tries to avoid some of the darker scenes and throws in a little tongue-in-cheek humour.

Your kids will have their chance to learn all the spells featured in the classic series, plus they can explore Hogwarts Castle at their leisure. In addition to playing using characters such as Harry, Hermione, and Ron, they can choose to be anyone from Bellatrix Lestrange to Voldemort himself in the free play mode.

Crash Bandicoot n Sane Trilogy

For those who grew up in the nineties and early noughties, Crash Bandicoot is nothing new. The Crash Bandicoot n Sane Trilogy brings three of the game’s best versions together, complete with new and shiny graphics. If your kids love platform games that become increasingly challenging as the story progresses, this one is perfect for them.

Nothing much has changed from the older version of Crash Bandicoot and you still need to battle to get all the boxes and defeat tricky bosses. Although younger children may struggle to master the controls at first, Crash Bandicoot n Sane Trilogy is great for kids of all ages.

Just Dance 2019

If your kids love to stay active and they’re fans of music from multiple eras, introduce them to Just Dance 2019. You don’t need any additional PS4 features to play with the game, as you can add the Just Dance App to your mobile.

In addition to dancing to the latest hits, Just Dance features classics from musicals and different decades. There’s also a dedicated younger kids’ section, with gentler dances. Your little ones will receive a grade for each dance and they’ll have the opportunity to engage in a dance-off. Just Dance 2019 already comes with some pre-installed songs, but you can access more by signing up for an EA Unlimited account.

With so many games to choose from, entertaining your kids during the spring holidays is easier than ever. Using the games we’ve suggested here, you’ll guarantee that they have hours of fun.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Advantages of Having a Chest Freezer

Questioning whether or not to purchase a chest freezer? More and more consumers see a chest freezer not just as a luxury purchase, but an essential way to expand convenience while saving money.  Hiring a chest freezer is yet another way to save as well.   Once you see the advantages of having extra freezer space, you will also see your hired chest freezer as vital to your household as well.

Great for bulk meat storage

One great way to save money in food purchasing lies in purchasing meat in bulk. Many meat markets will sell quarter, half, or full “beefs” or whole and half, cut to your specification. When you buy in bulk, you can save a considerable amount, sometimes between 25 and 33 percent off your usual food bill.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to fit that much meat into a conventional refrigerator freezer. A chest freezer, however, provides plenty of space to store bulk meat without taking up much room in your home.

Store fresh produce to eat next winter

Love that great summertime produce all year long? A chest freezer can give you plenty of room to keep those delicious fruits and vegetables long after growing season ends. It allows you to make sure that you lose no produce to spoilage, again helping you to save money in your food budget.
Plus there is nothing quite like enjoying garden- or farm-fresh produce in the middle of winter.

Plenty of space for pre-made meals

If saving time means as much or more than money, a chest freezer can help out here as well. Many have found that making meals in bulk and dividing them into multiple portions helps to save time when you need lunch or dinner on the go. One simply makes a large amount of a freezer-friendly food, divides it into meal-sized portions, then stores it in freezer-safe containers.

Home-cooked meals are also generally less expensive and more healthy.   Premade meals can serve as a lifesaver for those living in remote areas without convenient delivery or take away service.

Though convenient in many ways, pre-made meals in freezer-safe containers take up a lot of room. Having a chest freezer allows for plenty of space to keep pre-made meals.

Chest freezers add to your household’s food storage convenience while saving money. Check out how much you can save when you buy in bulk or cook and store pre-made food. In the long term, you will appreciate their convenience.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Benefits of Commercial Fridge Hire

If you are a shop owner, restaurant or cafe, having a commercial display fridge is an important part of your business. Customers need to easily see what they are purchasing, and your products need to stay safe.

Avoids Depreciation
One of the major benefits of renting a commercial fridge over purchasing one is that you don’t have to worry about the fridge depreciating in value. You don’t need to find the capital to purchase a new fridge once the old one needs replacing. Instead, you can upgrade to a new model whenever you need. Renting costs are substantially lower than purchase costs, so you can spread the cost of using a commercial fridge throughout your financial year. This makes renting a great option for new companies or for business expansions, as you won’t need that initial capital, loans, credit rating or anything else to get started.  Renting a commercial fridge is easy.

Saves You Time
If you buy a fridge and it breaks, you will need to organise somebody to come out and fix it, and this can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. With renting, you don’t need to need to worry about maintaining the fridge. If it stops working, a simple phone call will have somebody over to repair or replace your unit. This means that your fridge will be up and running quickly and with minimal disturbance to your business and customers. If you purchase a fridge, on the other hand, the repairs can take time and if it cannot be repaired you will need to look into purchasing a new fridge. This can further add to your costs and increases the amount of time you are without a working fridge. Rental avoids all of this.

Get The Model That Fits You
Having a commercial fridge helps increase patronage at your establishment as your customers can easily see through the large glass fronted fridges, whether they are at eye level or in a larger free standing fridge. So whether you are a cafe that wants to display cake or a shop that needs a place to store soft drinks, you can rent the fridge that fits your needs. If those needs change, then you can simply change your rental. If you’ve purchased a commercial fridge and need to change the size, then you’ll either have to store or sell your old fridge. Rental avoids this and ensures that you only have a fridge that is right for your business.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Top Four Reasons to Consider Home Theatre Hire

An excellent way to have family time every night of the week or every weekend is with a home theatre hire. Buying a home theatre setup outright can often be far too expensive for families.  Instead, save money by renting a theatre system and having Friday night movies with popcorn right in the comfort of your own home. The hardest part of your time will be deciding on the movie!

1. Bring the Move Experience Home

  • Getting your entire family ready and to the movies on time can be impossible. With a home theatre system, you bring the movie experience right to your own home. With our equipment, you can experience the sights and sounds of a real theatre without having to step foot outside. Additionally, you can use your favourite streaming service with our equipment.

2. You Can be an Entertainment Hub

  • Invite your friends, and experience the next blockbuster in your home. No matter if you plan on streaming the next big sporting event, host a movie screening or just invite a few friends and family over to watch your favourite movie or television show, your movie theatre hire will make your home the most popular gathering spot.

3. Save Money

  • Saving money when you're trying to entertain your family can be very difficult, especially with the rising cost of entertainment. Renting your own home theatre system allows you to entertain the entire family or throw a party at a fraction of the cost! The biggest expense will be the snacks and the movie itself.

4. Get a Front Row Seat to Any Event

  • Watching your favourite show, movie or sporting event on your own home theatre system gives you the perfect seat, right in the front and centre. You won't have to worry about other people or fighting for your spot; you get to choose the perfect seat to immerse yourself right into the action. You'll get surrounded with the sights and sounds of the event, and it'll be like you're actually there.

Hire a Home Theatre System Today! 

Don't have a home theatre system but you want to experience one without buying it outright? We can help! We have flexible home theatre contracts available that let you pay just a small fee to have a home theatre system right in your own home. You'll be able to screen your favourite shows and get the best seat in the house!