Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chest Freezers

If you are considering a chest freezer then you more than likely do a lot of hunting, fishing or entertaining. Maybe you have a large family or don’t get to the shops as often as you’d like.

Important things to consider are:

·       Where will you place your freezer?
 You will want to avoid storing your freezer too close to a heat source, such as an oven or near a window with direct sunlight, as this can force the unit to work harder, reducing efficiency.

·       What size will you need?
Bigger may not be better. Freezers less than 2/3 full use more energy, so having a large under-stocked freezer will cost you more money in the long run. Select one that meets your capacity requirements or, if you find you're not utilising 2/3 of the available space, consider adding jugs of water to fill up the empty space to improve efficiency.

·       Interior organisation
 Shelves and baskets make it easier to organise food, helping you to sort new from old so you can prioritise consumption more easily. Movable shelves are generally only available in frost-free freezers.

Renting an Energy Star freezer is the best way to know that it meets certain energy efficiency targets. When it comes to energy efficiency, chest models use less electricity because most are manual defrost and there's less cold air loss when the door is open. There's also less tendency to browse at the contents compared to an upright model.

View our chest freezer models here and talk to us to discuss your requirements.