Monday, November 13, 2017

LCD Displays for Christmas Promotions

As the Christmas season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to approach festive promotions. LCD displays can be used in a number of ways to really differentiate your business and get the season going. Here are some ideas on how to use an LCD display or two to attract customers an increase sales. 

Advertise promotions

The most obvious way to use an LCD display is to entice customers into your shop by advertising your promotions. Placing the display in a prominent position, such as in a window or facing a doorway, will help to catch the eye of passers-by.
Try to use simple words and phrases where possible, so that customers can take in the message in one glance. Use the word ‘Christmas’ to remind them that this may be a good time to buy presents or prepare for the festivities.
You can also include pictures and videos of your products. This will help to tempt customers in, once they see what they can get included in your deals.

Thank your customers

Advertising doesn’t always have to take the form of promoting a product or pushing sales. Sometimes, simply reinforcing or creating a bond with your customers is needed. The period before Christmas is a great time to do this.
Display a message on your LCD screens to thank your customers for their business throughout the year. You can also wish them a Merry Christmas (or just Happy Holidays) and a Happy New Year using the display. This is a great way to spread goodwill and your customers will really appreciate it.
This isn’t about creating direct sales, but about building brand loyalty. When customers see your heart-warming message, they will feel good as they leave your shop. This helps to keep your business top of mind next time they need something.

Countdown to Christmas

Urgency is one of the key factors that can convince customers to 'buy now'. When your potential customers realise they are running out of time to buy presents or stock up for Christmas, motivation is higher and they are more likely to come into your business and make a purchase.
Have a countdown to Christmas along with some graphics. These may be images of your products, festive cartoons, or just simple illustrations designed to really catch the eye of people walking by.
The use of hired LCD displays means the ability to communicate more effectively with your customers. Set them up for Christmas cheer and you will be onto a definite winner!