Monday, March 31, 2014

Go large for your next event

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for. They’re leaning forward in their seats, partly from excitement, and partly because they’re too polite to move any of the cushions.

The lights go out, and then quickly come back on when you realise you can’t see the remote control in the dark. Then they go out again, you hit ‘Play’, and the slideshow/presentation/piracy warning fills the room.

Well, it would if the room was the size of a linen cupboard. Unfortunately your lounge room/function area/venue is a lot bigger, and so people can barely see it. They start shuffling closer, and pretty soon there’s a gridlock of chairs in front of the screen.

And when you turn the volume up loud enough for everyone to hear, it sounds like the speaker that almost ripped out your car window when you left the drive-in.

It’s time to “go large” and hire some event equipment from Home Appliance Rentals.

With a data projector and screen they’ll be able to see everything clearly from across the room, and quite possibly across town. No more squinting, no more cries of “What’s that supposed to be?” and no more spending an hour after your presentation trying to untangle the chairs.

And with these speakers your audience won’t just hear your presentation, they’ll feel it. No need to ask people to switch off their mobile phones. They won’t hear it even if it does ring. And even if they do, they’ll definitely have to leave the room to take this call.

But the best thing is Home Appliance Rentals will take care of everything. They’ll deliver the equipment, and set everything up for you. (That’s right: No more decipher a badly-translated manual that reads “Never to be holding the same plug twice”.)

And when your presentation/movie/slideshow is over, they can pack it all up and take it away again. Which means the only time you have to lift a finger is to hit the ‘Stop’ button.

Wherever that is.