Sunday, July 31, 2016

Corporate TV Rentals for the Rio Olympics

Every four years we witness an event that tests the limit of human endurance. One that brings out the fighting spirit of participants and spectators alike.

As the losers fall by the wayside, and the frontrunners ready themselves for the final battle, we experience a range of emotions—joy, sorrow, horror, amazement, bewilderment.

And then it’s all over for another four years, and we shake our heads at the way the US elects their president.

Fortunately, the Olympic Games is also run every four years to give us a bit of a reprieve. For 16 days (or three months if the golf events are being telecast) you can get away from presidential candidates droning on for hours, and listen to the Australian Olympic commentators for hours instead.

This year the Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro, which is somewhere in Brazil. Rio (as it’s affectionately known by people who keep spelling “Janeiro” wrong) is famous for its wild five-day celebration known as Carnival. Fortunately for everyone involved, Brazil is also the world’s largest producer of coffee.

Unfortunately, Brazil is in a completely different time zone to Australia—a major oversight by the IOC. That means that during the week your employees may well be staying awake all night to watch the events. And that’s going to have a major impact on your business’ productivity (not to mention its coffee supplies).

The good news is that Home Appliance Rentals has the perfect solution. Simply hire a large-screen TV, set it up in the office, and let your employees watch all the replays while they work. (Of course there are going to be replays.)

With their corporate short-term rental packages, you can hire TVs and other items for as long as you need them—whether it’s a weekend, a week, or even longer. That means you can return the TV as soon as the Games are over and avoid a problem even worse than sleep deprivation—daytime television.

And what if people want to use the room the TV’s in for something trivial such as a board meeting? Well, Home Appliance Rentals also have TV stands with wheels so you can move it just about anywhere.

So don’t risk your office becoming a scene from The Walking Dead. Get in touch with Home Appliance Rentals, and take advantage of their corporate short-term rental packages to bring the Games to your office.