Sunday, April 17, 2016

Corporate Event Organisation

It's a lot of work to organise corporate events including AGMs, conferences and other large meetings. This work often falls on just a few people within the company. It makes sense to make the job as easy as possible by hiring the equipment from a specialised hire firm. Not only does this usually give you a more affordable price for the event hire, it also means that you have a single point of contact, which makes the job of the event organiser much easier during a busy time.
Here are some of the items you might need for the next meeting you are planning. 


 Projectors are useful if many of the presentations include slides and/or images to support the speeches. Professional projectors give sharper picture quality, and also tend to be more reliable. Lower quality projectors can overheat if they are used for any length of time, so if you don't have a high-quality projector within the company, then it can be a good idea to hire one.

Large screens 

Once you have a projector organised it's important to have large clean screens so that a presentation can be seen clearly from anywhere in the room. This allows the attendees to really focus on the message.

TV screens 

If you are video conferencing with other people during the meeting, or including video clips of people who can't be in the room, it can be useful to have a large screen TV to clearly show the clips.

Video equipment 

If you need to record a meeting for later viewing, or for editing and putting online, then it's a good idea to use a professional level video camera so that the image appears clear and audio is easy to listen to on any device it might later be played upon.

AV equipment 

No matter how powerful the message, if the people at the back of the room can't hear it, then they'll soon lose interest. Having subtle and easy-to-use microphones and speakers allows everyone in the room to engage with the meeting presentation and not become distracted by poor sound quality.

Hire Package Deals

If you need to get more than one item, then it makes sense to head to a supplier that offers a package deal. Home Appliance Rentals offers great package prices on any combination of these items for corporate customers, so if you are looking to hire some equipment for your next event call them on 1300 800 388 .