Monday, June 4, 2018

Dryer Hire

In the warm summer months, you're almost guaranteed beautiful weather that makes drying clothes outside a breeze. With the fresh air and the warm sun, there is no need for a clothes dryer.
However, the unpredictable winter weather certainly makes this task more difficult.  Trying to dry your freshly-washed laundry when the winter months roll around takes a certain level of organisation.  Make life easy with a clothes dryer rental that suits your needs and your budget.
That's where we come in.
If you're looking for a dryer hire, we have everything you need to ensure that your laundry gets dry, no matter what time of year and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

What are the benefits of a dryer hire?

There are many benefits of hiring a clothes dryer rental, so let's look at the most important.

Spend less time on laundry

Even in the summer months when it's warm enough to dry your clothes outside, it can be time consuming, especially if you're drying clothes for more than one person.
A family can create a lot of laundry in one week, and when it comes to drying it all on a schedule, dryer hire is your best option. It allows you to dry you laundry quickly and efficiently.

It keeps your laundry smelling fresh

In the chilly winter months, drying your clothes outside is difficult because of the temperature alone, but in addition, your clothes can pick up smells.
Instead of smelling fresh and clean, your clothes can wind up smelling like smoke, smog, and even the dampness of the weather.
By hiring a dryer, you can ensure that your clothes always smell fresh and clean, no matter what the weather or the time of year!

Organisation Goals 

The real reason these dryer hires are good is this:  you can forget to wash the sports clothes or tomorrows work uniform and yet still manage to complete the task with a 15 minute wash and throwing it in the dryer for 20mins.  No dramas.

Who can hire a dryer rental company?

We offer dryer rentals in sizes that will accommodate couples to large families — making drying clothes a breeze.
Our rental dryer sizes include small (3.5kg), medium (4.0kg), and large (5.0kg), so you can choose the right size to suit your needs.
All dryers are easy to operate, and we regularly have new stock available. Our prices are highly reasonable, ranging from $11.54 per week, to $13.85 per week, depending on the size you choose.
With our dryers, you'll be able to have peace of mind that your laundry will dry free of unwanted scents, and in a quick, efficient time frame.
Whether you have a whole family, or you're just a young professional wanting to save some time, winter dryer hire is the perfect option for you.
Contact us today to reserve your dryer!