Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Winter is coming

You are pulled from your favourite dream by the cranky sounding alarm whose sole purpose in life is to ruin your day before it even begins. Fumbling around for the snooze button, you realise it's stuck again. Why do we torture ourselves like this?

A yawn escapes from your mouth and the chilly air makes you sink further into your toasty doona. But, the sheer guilt of that deadline compels you to rise. You swing your legs around and let muscle memory guide you to your comfy fuzzy slippers – only to discover that the cat has batted them under the bed again. Grumbling, you touch your toes to the cold floor and force yourself up.

Forgot to do laundry again last night, which means, the only clean sweater is that horrid one Granny knit for Christmas – the one that makes the winners of "Ugly Sweater" contests look like haute couture. The few seconds between pulling off your pajama top and hurling yourself into that sweater are agonising. You're one of those people who would rather swelter in the sun than be a little cold, and frankly, goose pimples kind of creep you out.
You reminisce about that last time at the beach, and the warming rays of sunshine. It seems like a world away. You think you can see your breath but you're not quite sure.

The bottoms of your feet are finally used to the cold...because they are numb. It will take your heaviest socks to save them, but they make your shoes feel tight.

One step at a time.

When you open your bedroom door to make the frigid trek to the bathroom, your heart drops a little. You remember that the hallway and the hallway floor are even chillier than your room because you have a well ventilated rental.

You are the poster child for "#firstworldproblems" but right now, it doesn't matter because you don't like feeling cold.

If only you had listened to Granny about hiring that sleek looking gas heater from Home Appliance Rentals instead of scrutinising the colour and design issues with the sweater. You would have been able to wake up, turn it on, and by the time you crawled out from the duvet, your room temperature would have been mild and pleasant. This morning would have started off much better.

You might have even hired a heater for that hallway.

Instead, you vow for the third time this week that you will never again rent a place without reverse aircon, which incidentally, is also available from Home Appliance Rentals.

Just saying.