Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Finals Countdown

Will you look at that. It’s September already. And you know what that means. Yes, department stores will soon be hanging up their Christmas decorations.

But it also means the football season is drawing to a close, and it won’t be long before we’re all suffering from a bad case of “Finals Fever”.

Of course, the biggest sufferers will be those who couldn’t get to the game. Unfortunately tickets are limited, as are the number of times you can mortgage your house to pay for them. But thanks to Home Appliance Rentals you can feel like you’re there without breaking the bank.

Seeing is believing

The first thing you’ll need is a TV screen—the bigger, the better. You wouldn’t buy seats in row ZZ, so why feel like you’re sitting there? You want to feel like you’re practically sitting on the boundary line, and about to be told off by security. And with games now being broadcast in high definition, you’ll be able to see individual blades of grass—well, at least before they get stomped into the turf.

Home Appliance Rentals has a screen to suit every home and every budget. And because they not only deliver the screen but install it as well, the only time you’ll have to lift a finger is to change channels.

A sound investment

So you’ve got your spot on the boundary line. But what’s that you hear? A dishwasher? Someone mowing the lawn? That’s not what you hear at a football match. Where’s the roar of the crowd?

You need a home theatre system to drown out those sounds and bring the footy atmosphere (minus the cigarette smoke) right into your living room. The good news is Home Appliance Rentals can help you out there, too.

Once the system has been delivered and installed, all you’ll be able to hear will be the crack of leather on leather, the crack of fist against face, and the crack about the umpire’s apparent vision problems. You won’t be able to hear the lawn mower even if you tried—probably because the owner’s shut it off so they can hear the game as well.

After the game

And so ends another football season. The game’s been won, the trophy’s been held aloft, and the commentators have finally stopped talking. Now what?

Well, you could have Home Appliance Rentals pick it up and take it away. (Be ready for the tears.) But if I were you I’d definitely keep it for a while.

After all, Bathurst is coming up next.