Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's get physical

Now that Daylight Savings has kicked in, your kids are making the most of the extra sunlight—riding their bikes, kicking a ball or running around with their friends.

Ha! Just a little parenting joke there. What they’re actually doing is sitting on the couch, flicking through the TV channels and complaining they’re the only kid in the world who doesn’t have a video game console.

Not that the complaining is anything new. They’ve threatened to do everything from going on Jerry Springer to pleading their case to the United Nations (something about “Geneva Conventions” and “cruel and unusual punishment”). But you’re sticking by your guns, because the last thing you want is your child staring zombie-like at the television playing “Super Alien Mega Blaster Ultimate Deluxe – The Sequel” for days on end.

Well, Home Appliance Rentals can solve both your problems with their latest package—the Xbox 360 with Kinect, along with a television to hook it up to. (Believe me, you’ll want the extra television, otherwise you may never get to watch another TV show again.)

“Sure, that solves their problem” I hear you saying. “But what about mine? I don’t want them just sitting in front of the TV all day.”

But that’s what’s so great about Kinect. They can’t just sit around and blast away with the controller, because with Kinect games they are the controller. To play the game they have to stand up. And jump. And wave their arms. It’s just like an aerobics class, but without the instructor yelling at everyone for not keeping up. (Video games are very forgiving.)

What’s even better is that with a lot of Kinect games, you can both play at the same time. So you won’t be sitting there for hours waiting for them to finish their “turn”. (They’ll still kick your butt, but you won’t be bored while they do it.) Just make sure there’s plenty of space to play in, because if you’re not careful you could end up whacking them in the face (and possibly losing 500 points).

And believe me, by the end of the game you’ll feel like you have been to an aerobics class. And so will they. In fact, they might even decide to ride their bike for a while because it’s less strenuous.

Which will give you a chance to practise so you can start kicking their butt.