Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rent a PlayStation 4 and Add to Your Holiday Fun!

Sony has you covered for the holidays with the PlayStation 4 video gaming device. The technology makes gaming fun for everyone in the family. You only need to look at the specs to know that this device spells “fun and entertainment.”

Download New Games Early

Compare this device with the Xbox and you will make this product your preferred choice. The PS4 possesses a “Remote Play” feature – an attribute missing on the Xbox. This add-on enables you to play your favourite game anywhere in the house.

Also, check out the backwards compatibility, which enables you to play the games you already love and own. For any new games, pre-order them and download them early for holiday entertainment and fun.

Make Renting a Holiday Tradition

The download feature makes renting a PS4 fun for kids, who cannot enjoy this advantage when they are in school. That is why renting a PS4 over buying one is an excellent idea. Kids can play games during their school holidays, and the temptation is removed when they return to their studies after the holidays.

Enjoy the Device’s Latest Features

By renting the PS4, you always have the latest model at your access. For example, you can enjoy the following current features when you rent instead of buy:

1. A DualShock 4 Controller
    Indeed, you will spend plenty of time gaming, when you rent the PS4, as the DualShock 4 controller is so amazingly light, you will hardly notice you are holding a device. Add to that gripped tips, which help you keep your grasp during intense game activities.

    Whilst Microsoft’s Xbox One covers a user’s media needs, Nintendo takes care of anyone’s desire for a double display. However, for hard-core gamers, Sony provides the PS4 – a black box that offers the performance and features they need.

    2. Faster Frame Rates
      What is great about the PS4 is that its CPU is close in design to the CPU featured on a PC. The box operates on two quad-core CPUs and the graphics processing unit (GPU) replicates the Radeon 7870 included on some of today’s laptops and PCs. Moreover, the advanced PS4 Pro model supports gameplay with enhanced detail in the form of higher-resolution graphics and faster frame rates.

      3. Easier Maneuverability
        Sony makes it possible for a gamer to increase his or her gaming agility, thanks to the PS4’s visuals and “engaging” design. Also, the PS4’s streamlined and angular configuration is easier to manoeuvre – much different than its rivals’ Xbox One or the Xbox 360’s bulkier construction.

        4. Quieter Operation
          Displaying a gloss-black and matte-ebony mix of textures and tones, the PS4 hides its power brick within its attractive plastic housing. Also, the console is quieter, which makes it the ideal device to use in the bedroom or living room.

          Rent a PS4 and Make Upgrades Easy

          If you want to make your PS4 experience more enjoyable and practical, renting is better than buying. Not only can your incorporate the latest upgrades, you will receive better value overall.