Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rent a PlayStation 4 and Add to Your Holiday Fun!

Sony has you covered for the holidays with the PlayStation 4 video gaming device. The technology makes gaming fun for everyone in the family. You only need to look at the specs to know that this device spells “fun and entertainment.”

Download New Games Early

Compare this device with the Xbox and you will make this product your preferred choice. The PS4 possesses a “Remote Play” feature – an attribute missing on the Xbox. This add-on enables you to play your favourite game anywhere in the house.

Also, check out the backwards compatibility, which enables you to play the games you already love and own. For any new games, pre-order them and download them early for holiday entertainment and fun.

Make Renting a Holiday Tradition

The download feature makes renting a PS4 fun for kids, who cannot enjoy this advantage when they are in school. That is why renting a PS4 over buying one is an excellent idea. Kids can play games during their school holidays, and the temptation is removed when they return to their studies after the holidays.

Enjoy the Device’s Latest Features

By renting the PS4, you always have the latest model at your access. For example, you can enjoy the following current features when you rent instead of buy:

1. A DualShock 4 Controller
    Indeed, you will spend plenty of time gaming, when you rent the PS4, as the DualShock 4 controller is so amazingly light, you will hardly notice you are holding a device. Add to that gripped tips, which help you keep your grasp during intense game activities.

    Whilst Microsoft’s Xbox One covers a user’s media needs, Nintendo takes care of anyone’s desire for a double display. However, for hard-core gamers, Sony provides the PS4 – a black box that offers the performance and features they need.

    2. Faster Frame Rates
      What is great about the PS4 is that its CPU is close in design to the CPU featured on a PC. The box operates on two quad-core CPUs and the graphics processing unit (GPU) replicates the Radeon 7870 included on some of today’s laptops and PCs. Moreover, the advanced PS4 Pro model supports gameplay with enhanced detail in the form of higher-resolution graphics and faster frame rates.

      3. Easier Maneuverability
        Sony makes it possible for a gamer to increase his or her gaming agility, thanks to the PS4’s visuals and “engaging” design. Also, the PS4’s streamlined and angular configuration is easier to manoeuvre – much different than its rivals’ Xbox One or the Xbox 360’s bulkier construction.

        4. Quieter Operation
          Displaying a gloss-black and matte-ebony mix of textures and tones, the PS4 hides its power brick within its attractive plastic housing. Also, the console is quieter, which makes it the ideal device to use in the bedroom or living room.

          Rent a PS4 and Make Upgrades Easy

          If you want to make your PS4 experience more enjoyable and practical, renting is better than buying. Not only can your incorporate the latest upgrades, you will receive better value overall.

          Friday, November 30, 2018

          Entertaining the Idea of a Fridge Hire for the Holidays

          If you are entertaining guests for the holidays, you may run out of room in your current fridge. This can indeed become a dilemma, especially if you host guests who are picky about what they eat or who have certain dietary mandates. Therefore, if you are entertaining guests, you should also entertain the idea of fridge hire. Doing so will make it easier for you to prepare meals and prevent any controversies or the need to approach your neighbour to use their fridge!

          How about a Smart Fridge?

          When you hire a fridge, you can get all the latest amenities. You can even hire one of the smart fridges that are featured today. Intelligent refrigerators feature eye-opening apps that you can combine with your smartphone. Who would think that your smartphone and fridge would become such buddies? However, the use of both makes holiday meal planning much easier.

          Some of the Amenities

          You can use touch screens on smart fridges to look up recipes and have the fridge read off recipe directions whilst you cook. Use the smart fridge to create grocery lists that you can easily sync to your mobile as well. Smart fridges also allow you to receive expiration dates for foods that are past their prime.

          Some smart fridges enable you to use a transparent touchscreen without opening the refrigerator door. Customise the temperature by compartment or drawer, or use the appliance’s inside camera to check on your milk or egg inventory. Refrigerators also alert about the status of your ice maker - very important during the holidays.

          Fridge Door Sensors

          Today, you can hire a fridge with sensors in the door, all which makes door opening less of a chore. Even if you softly bump the door, it will conveniently open. Some of the models feature sensors on the bottom, which respond to a nudge of the foot. If the door does not close tight, the sensors instantly pull it shut – an energy and food spoilage crisis both averted at once.

          Even if you do not hire a fridge with all those smart bells and whistles, you will find that the addition will make entertaining guests easier and less distracting.

          Monday, October 15, 2018

          Corporate Team Fitness

          Corporate rentals, fitness equipment hire

          Sitting at a desk all day is rarely enjoyable. If you work a desk job, you know the struggles of working an eight-hour day in the same spot. Your legs cramp, your posture is slumped, your back can ache and sometimes — you feel like you need to loosen up just to get through your day.
          If this sounds familiar, fitness equipment hire for your business could be the answer.
          Are you looking for a way to take your corporate business location to the next level, just like Google? If you want to provide your employees with a unique way to de-stress, a fun way to stay healthy, and an opportunity to connect with other departments, fitness equipment hire could be just what your corporate business needs.
          For a reasonable price, you’ll be able to provide your employees with workout equipment including steppers, ellipticals, and treadmills to name a few. Gone are the days of smartphone breaks — with corporate rentals, you’ll create a whole new definition of “afternoon break.”

          Benefits of fitness equipment hire

          If you think fitness equipment hire could be right for your corporate business, check out these benefits:
          ·  Your employees will be healthier. After a long day at work, your employees probably don’t feel like driving to the gym across town. By providing fitness equipment at your business location, they won’t have to put in extra effort to stay healthy — they can just hop on a machine and get to work.
          ·   It provides a great team-building environment.  Working out together is an excellent way for employees to build their team. They can bond over a treadmill run, spot each other on the bench press, or talk about their day while working on the stepper. Fitness equipment in the workplace proves a location for employees to get to know each other in an environment that isn’t strictly professional like their workplace.
          ·   It’s a great way to de-stress. Working out is proven to reduce stress, so it’s a win-win for both you and your employees. You want to have relaxed and happy workers that provide high-quality work, and you can have just that by providing them with a way to de-stress at the end of the day.

          Are you interested in corporate fitness hire for your corporate business?

          If you want to reap the benefits of fitness rentals in the workplace, contact us today at Home Appliance Rentals. We can’t wait to get you set up with your new equipment!

          Sunday, September 9, 2018

          Hiring Appliances for Investment Properties

          When you're navigating the challenging world of investment properties, attracting the right tenants can sometimes feel difficult. As with any area of business, the simplest way to stand out from the crowd is to deliver a premium service that most of your competitors don't offer. As far as investment properties go, this can mean hiring appliances for prospective tenants to use.

          Why hiring appliances will make your investment property more enticing

          From first-time renters to those moving between furnished properties, a small proportion of the tenant market will come without white goods. When this happens, purchasing a new fridge, freezer, or washing machine can create a financial squeeze that makes them delay their relocation plans. If this means cutting off a selection of good tenants from your prospective renter list, finding a way to entice them towards your property is advisable. To make life simpler for those who don't own white goods, hire items that'll introduce a layer of convenience to hiring from you.

          Hiring a fridge freezer and washer is a must if you're renting to students

          Few, if any, students will expect to arrive at their new property with a fridge freezer and washer in-tow. Yet all of them will expect to use one, as they need to eat and wash clothes like any other member of the rental market. If you're hesitant to purchase new items that won't benefit from regular maintenance, heading down the hiring route will work to your advantage. Hire goods often come with maintenance plans, which means you can ensure they're fully operable and safe to use before the next batch of students moves in.

          If you need to meet short-term appliance gaps, a hire service saves money

          If you're buying an investment property with the aim of refurbishing it and eventually moving in, the chances are you don't want to buy two sets of everything to fill the gap before your relocation date. When staying onsite during your renovation efforts becomes necessary, hiring a washer and a fridge freezer helps you enjoy the basic levels of comfort available in your current property. Additionally, until you set a moving in date you'll benefit from a minimal hassle service that includes quibble-free repairs if something breaks down. Unlike when you purchase new items, you won't have to go to the effort of selling or rehoming your hire fridge freezer or washer, you can pass them back to the company.
          From attracting better tenants to making refurbishing comfier, there are plenty of reasons to hire a washer or fridge freezer. As a final note, it's worth considering that the appliances you rent are usually high-end and use the latest technologies, making life even smoother.

          Sunday, August 19, 2018

          Revamp Your Exercise Routine with Fitness Equipment Hire

          Creating the perfect exercise routine is undeniably the best way to boost your health and lose weight. But, if you’re leading a busy lifestyle and you want to avoid rush hour at the gym, your motivation may dwindle. The end result? You’re less likely to stick to your plan and unlikely to meet your exercise goals. For the sake of convenience and motivation, a fitness equipment hire service is a smart and increasingly popular way to stay in shape.

          Aerobic exercise is the not-so-hidden secret to a healthier way of life

          The only way to make your weight loss goals realistic is through creating a calorie deficit. In other words, you need to burn more calories than you consume. If you choose to maintain a sedentary lifestyle, eating fewer calories is always an option. However, without regular exercise, you're allowing your metabolism to slow down, making it harder to lose weight even with a low-calorie diet. Instead, why not add aerobic exercise to your life and enjoy a sensible diet that still results in weight loss? In addition to shedding a few pounds, you can make your heart and lungs work harder, resulting in a better long-term health outlook.

          Using a fitness equipment hire service could transform your mental health

          Numerous studies illustrate that working out leads to a better night’s sleep, greater energy levels throughout the day, and more serotonin flooding through your brain. Unfortunately, not everyone can make a daily visit to the gym. However, why let accessibility problems result in a reduced sense of wellbeing? When you use a fitness equipment hire service you can enjoy the endorphin-boosting benefits of working out, without leaving your home.

          It’s an excellent opportunity to tailor your equipment to your unique needs

          When you visit the gym there’s always a chance that the person using the treadmill before you will change the settings. Usually, they’ll either do so to push themselves beyond their personal limits or to make life comfier. If you have targets to hit or a sore joint to nurse, tweaking your equipment each time you use it cuts into your precious gym hours. When you hire fitness equipment, you can alter the settings for your own benefit and keep them there, which means all you have to do is jump on your equipment and move!
          From meeting exercise goals at your own convenience to boosting your physical and mental health, there are lots of reasons to hire fitness equipment. Now all you need to do is find a machine that meets your needs.

          Tuesday, July 10, 2018

          Gas Heater Rental

          Winter time is upon you, and you’re dreading the feeling of frostbitten toes and fingers in your home or office. No matter the footwear, your toes always feel like they need to defrost and unfortunately, you can’t wear gloves at your desk job and socks don't look great with stillettos.
          But the days of worrying about freezing fingers and toes are gone, thanks to our gas heater hire.
          If you’re sick of feeling like frosty the snowman in your own home or office with the chill of winter, we have the perfect solution! Home Appliance Rentals can provide you with gas heater hire, which gives you a cost-effective way to stay warm this winter.
          Our gas heater hire allows you to rent a Rinnai 15Mj natural gas portable heater. You can live with our heaters worry-free, knowing that all have been inspected, checked, and tested by a qualified technician. If you’re looking for a quick and easy gas heater hire, we are the ones to call.
          The Rinnai gas heater is equipped with low emissions technology and provides 15Mj and 3.8Kw. It’s able to heat up to 38m2 in cold environments including the chilliest rooms of your house, or your office.
          We provide six month agreements and longer, and we know you’ll love the benefits of your portable heater.
          There’s also no reason to worry about delivery, installation, or removal — we have you covered! You won’t have to be concerned with hooking up wires, or finding the perfect spot for your portable heater — we’re the experts, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you – literally. We deliver to the greater Sydney area, the Southern suburbs, extending to the Sutherland Shire and Batemans Bay. We’ll make sure that it’s all taken care of. We also now do deliveries on Saturdays, so you no longer have to wait for your long-anticipated warmth.
          You can also rest assured that your portable heater will always be in tip-top shape, since we also take care of all repairs in the very unlikely event that your heater were to have any problems. (However, we won’t cover damage that was caused by abuse to the unit).
          If you’re interested in learning more about the cost of your portable heater hire, delivery, setup, pickup, or pricing, feel free to phone us at 1300 800 388. We can’t wait to help you stay warm this winter!
          Say goodbye to heavy socks, gloves, and blankets with our natural gas heater hire!

          Monday, June 4, 2018

          Dryer Hire

          In the warm summer months, you're almost guaranteed beautiful weather that makes drying clothes outside a breeze. With the fresh air and the warm sun, there is no need for a clothes dryer.
          However, the unpredictable winter weather certainly makes this task more difficult.  Trying to dry your freshly-washed laundry when the winter months roll around takes a certain level of organisation.  Make life easy with a clothes dryer rental that suits your needs and your budget.
          That's where we come in.
          If you're looking for a dryer hire, we have everything you need to ensure that your laundry gets dry, no matter what time of year and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

          What are the benefits of a dryer hire?

          There are many benefits of hiring a clothes dryer rental, so let's look at the most important.

          Spend less time on laundry

          Even in the summer months when it's warm enough to dry your clothes outside, it can be time consuming, especially if you're drying clothes for more than one person.
          A family can create a lot of laundry in one week, and when it comes to drying it all on a schedule, dryer hire is your best option. It allows you to dry you laundry quickly and efficiently.

          It keeps your laundry smelling fresh

          In the chilly winter months, drying your clothes outside is difficult because of the temperature alone, but in addition, your clothes can pick up smells.
          Instead of smelling fresh and clean, your clothes can wind up smelling like smoke, smog, and even the dampness of the weather.
          By hiring a dryer, you can ensure that your clothes always smell fresh and clean, no matter what the weather or the time of year!

          Organisation Goals 

          The real reason these dryer hires are good is this:  you can forget to wash the sports clothes or tomorrows work uniform and yet still manage to complete the task with a 15 minute wash and throwing it in the dryer for 20mins.  No dramas.

          Who can hire a dryer rental company?

          We offer dryer rentals in sizes that will accommodate couples to large families — making drying clothes a breeze.
          Our rental dryer sizes include small (3.5kg), medium (4.0kg), and large (5.0kg), so you can choose the right size to suit your needs.
          All dryers are easy to operate, and we regularly have new stock available. Our prices are highly reasonable, ranging from $11.54 per week, to $13.85 per week, depending on the size you choose.
          With our dryers, you'll be able to have peace of mind that your laundry will dry free of unwanted scents, and in a quick, efficient time frame.
          Whether you have a whole family, or you're just a young professional wanting to save some time, winter dryer hire is the perfect option for you.
          Contact us today to reserve your dryer!

          Monday, May 14, 2018

          Build your Winter Fitness Regime with Fitness Equipment Hire

          In the summer time, it's easy to build your fitness regime and stick with it. The sun welcomes you outside for a daily jog and it's a great time for a bike ride around Sydney.  But then Winter hits and the weather isn't so sunny! It's harder to get motivated for your morning jog or bike ride and you may find yourself wondering how to keep up with fitness goals in the winter.
          That's easy — fitness equipment hire in Sydney can help you stay on track with your fitness goals, even when it's too cold to go outside.
          With Home Appliance Rentals, you can choose from multiple pieces of fitness equipment, which will allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home.

          What can I expect from a fitness equipment hire?

          It's a simple and straightforward process, achievable in just a few easy steps.

          1. Choose your equipment

          Based on your standard workout and the exercises you enjoy, choose from our wide range of fitness equipment.
          We offer treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, and rowers to keep you in your best shape during the winter months.

          2. We'll deliver and pick up the equipment

          To make the process simple and hassle-free, we'll deliver and pick up the equipment from your home so that you won't have to worry about having adequate transportation for the fitness equipment you choose.
          We deliver to the greater Sydney area, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

          3. We'll set it up for you

          Upon delivery, we'll set up your fitness equipment for you. Since we do all the work, all you have to worry about is starting your workout!

          4. Choose a package for maximum value

          When you choose two or more pieces of fitness equipment, we'll call it a package and help you save on the cost!

          Does the fitness equipment have any great features?

          Each of our pieces of equipment is programmable to suit your goals and level of fitness, making it easy for anyone to use.
          The treadmill offers an auto incline, and the cross trainer is magnetic resistant.
          Both the cross trainer and the exercise bike have hand pulse sensors to help you track your workout, and the rower offers an impact free calorie burner.
          Whatever piece, or pieces of equipment you choose, it'll be easy for you to build your winter fitness regime and stay on track all year long!

          Friday, April 20, 2018

          Why Rent a Washing Machine

          Renting has a great deal of benefits that people often overlook, generally because they are not aware of what is available and how it works. These are two great examples of how renting a washing machine can work for you.

          Fast Rental Home Setup

          Lets take Sam and Julie, they have recently set up house for the first time, they have paid the bond, first months rent and all the cost to set up the utilities. They manage to get a few essentials from friends and family however they are not able to find a washing machine. They could buy a new one, yet they have just used all their money getting into the new place, another option is to buy one second hand for a few hundred dollars, this may last or may cost them even more money.

          Another option is to rent a washing machine, they could rent a washing machine from Home Appliance Rentals for less than a cup of coffee per day, it would be delivered and installed for free and better still if anything went wrong with the washing machine, Home Appliance Rentals would fix it or replace it at no charge.

          That way Sam and Julie could move on with there lives and not have to worry about where to get the money to buy such a large appliance like a washing machine - renting makes life so much easier.

          Delay Cash Outlays by Renting Appliances

          Then we have Amanda and Simon, they are both busy people working long hours trying to get ahead. They have moved into a new home and are sticking to a budget, all of a sudden the washing machine blows up. They could buy a new one yet the budget does not allow for such expenses even for emergencies, another option is to use the laundry, yet that will cost a lot of money and require them to spend even more time out of home.  Not very convenient.

          Another option would be to rent a washing machine, Home Appliance Rentals could rent them one for a few dollars per week and deliver and install for free. As well, by doing this they would not have to worry about the cost of unplanned repairs if required because Home Appliance Rentals will take care of this as they will fix it or replace it free of charge.

          This way Simon and Amanda can get on with their lives and enjoy the new washing machine without breaking their budget or affecting their lifestyle.

          As you can see renting a washing machine has a number of advantages for anyone in any circumstance. If you would like to get more details on renting a washing machine contact us at Home Appliance Rentals as we would be more than happy to help you.

          Friday, March 30, 2018

          Moving in, moving on

          There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to start paying hundreds of dollars a week to a complete stranger to get out of eating dinner at four thirty in the afternoon.

          Of course, that’s not the only reason people to choose to move out of their parents’ place. But I’m pretty sure it’s in the top ten, along with complaints about your music (“It’s just noise!”) and continually asking your friends if they’d like to see your baby pictures.

          And so comes the day when you find yourself standing in an empty apartment (you don’t own much), marvelling at how much space there is. You are finally the master of your own domain (but certainly not your finances), and can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t leave a mark on the wall or a chalk outline on the carpet.

          Sitting on an upturned milk crate (the closest thing you have to furniture other than your bed), you think of all the things you can do now that you live on your own:

          Invite friends over without the risk of being embarrassed by your parents. (Your Facebook profile is another story).

          Play your music as loud as you like (or rather as loud as your earbuds can handle—your parents didn’t let you take their stereo).

          Eat dinner as late as you like.

          At the thought of dinner you notice the empty space where a fridge should be. Your parents didn’t let you take that either, or the television. You start listing the things you’ll need to buy:

          Fridge—the leftover takeaway has to be stored somewhere

          Television—you don’t watch much TV these days (if you see another game show you’ll scream), but without one your PS4 gaming console is pretty much useless

          Washing machine—the last thing you need are complete strangers seeing your underwear.

          Unfortunately, having just paid a bond and two weeks’ rent in advance means you’re pretty much broke. And even if you could afford to buy them, you’d then have to pay to have them all delivered.

          Luckily for you, Home Appliance Rentals has created a Home Starter Pack that will have you eating reheated leftovers while watching TV in no time. For just $41.54 a week you get:

          • a fridge
          • a washing machine
          • a 66cm LED TV.

          And what makes it even better is they’ll not only deliver it all, they’ll install it all as well. Just tell them where you want things to go, and they’ll get everything working before they leave. (Okay, they might not hook up your PS4 for you. But you can handle that, right?)

          Oh, and if you want to upgrade that milk crate to something you can share with friends (or at least fall asleep on), you can hire lounge suites and other furniture from them as well. How cool is that?

          So get in touch with Home Appliance Rentals today, get the stuff you need, and start enjoying your independence. But don’t forget that despite the weird eating times, your parents are still pretty awesome and you should visit them occasionally.

          Probably Sunday. That’s when they cook a roast, isn’t it?

          Monday, February 19, 2018

          Corporate Long Term Rentals

          If you're in need of corporate long term rentals, you've come to the right place. With us, you can rent anything ranging from fridges and freezers to smaller kitchen appliances, so everything is ready for inhabitants to move in and live comfortably. With our corporate long term rentals, moving to a new area because of work becomes much simpler.

          What are corporate long term rentals? In short, you can rent household items to fully equip a property ready for residents to move straight in.

          Why choose us for your long term rentals?

          In addition to ensuring we provide high-tech items that won't let you down, we provide a vast range of long-term rentals:
          Furniture to suit all rooms
          Appliances for the kitchen
          TVs and other entertainment items
          White goods, such as fridges and washing machines
          Cookware, linen, and other textiles

          Is there something missing from that list? Don't worry, it isn't inclusive. Our long term rentals cover most aspects of everyday living, making it easier for you to fully equip a property temporarily.

          Making corporate relocation easier

          As experts in our field, we understand that corporate relocation isn't the easiest process. If someone is moving house temporarily, packing up all of their goods and moving them to a new city soon becomes costly and cumbersome for the following reasons:
          They have to pay a removal company in each direction.
          Items may encounter damage on the way.
          It could even delay the move.

          In contrast, renting the items they need when they move into temporary accommodation could be much less hassle. It's also an ideal solution if you're not sure how long a relocation will last for. Why? Because when the occupants move out, you can send the items back.

          Full House Rental Packages for Corporate Long Term Rentals

          Our corporate relocation services allow you to rent both large and small items. Once they're in place, your employees can start feeling at home straight away.

          Our range of items is huge and we'll customise each package to meet your requirements. Setting up a new house will become hassle-free, plus we'll pack and install each item. Finally, there's a full breakdown service in place, so your residents don't have to worry about temporarily losing out on any of their home comforts.

          Want to learn more? Give our friendly team a call and we'll see if the items you need are available for your area.

          Monday, January 15, 2018

          Setting up House

          Whether you're moving home for the first time or in the midst of a last-minute shift, not having the right white goods makes life difficult. From fridges and freezers to washing machines and TVs, you'll soon miss those essential household goods. If you're struggling to settle on an item or your budget doesn't cover one yet, just come to us for a rental.

          Hire a fridge to ensure life is comfy

          Living without a refrigerator is next to impossible. In the absence of a cold space, you'll either have to live off non-perishable foods, get to grips with a freezer box, or buy food on a daily basis.

          Fortunately, we're here to come to your rescue. If you're still deciding on the perfect fridge for your home, you can hire one from us until it arrives. For extra convenience, consider a freezer too. In the long term, you'll save money on lengthy shopping trips and purchasing takeout food.

          Use appliance rentals to entertain the kids

          Whether your TV's function is running its course or you broke yours, you can use appliance rentals to treat your family. As items that are rarely cheap, but are often necessary, televisions probably play a prominent role in your household's entertainment.

          Our appliance rentals include TVs to suit all functions. From HD through to smart, our range is cost-effective and will buy you time until you can purchase a new one (or you might decide you prefer the rental situation!).

          Rent a washing machine for a convenient life

          Most washing machines have a shelf life of three to five years. If yours starts to leak, refuses to complete a cycle, or won't initiate at all, you may need to rent a washing machine until you can resolve the issue.

          In some cases, a quick fix will allow you to keep your original model. However, during that period you don't want to waste time borrowing neighbours' machines or heading to a laundrette. As such, choosing to rent a washing machine makes life more convenient, and it saves money.

          Making your summer or winter more comfortable

          Appliance rentals also extend to air conditioners and heaters. As such, if your home's HVAC system needs a helping hand, you can use our appliance rentals to create a climate that keeps you happy.

          Whether you need to hire a fridge, temporarily find a washing machine, or get your hands on a television; we're here to help. Call our friendly team, and we'll soon deliver your appliance.