Friday, November 30, 2018

Entertaining the Idea of a Fridge Hire for the Holidays

If you are entertaining guests for the holidays, you may run out of room in your current fridge. This can indeed become a dilemma, especially if you host guests who are picky about what they eat or who have certain dietary mandates. Therefore, if you are entertaining guests, you should also entertain the idea of fridge hire. Doing so will make it easier for you to prepare meals and prevent any controversies or the need to approach your neighbour to use their fridge!

How about a Smart Fridge?

When you hire a fridge, you can get all the latest amenities. You can even hire one of the smart fridges that are featured today. Intelligent refrigerators feature eye-opening apps that you can combine with your smartphone. Who would think that your smartphone and fridge would become such buddies? However, the use of both makes holiday meal planning much easier.

Some of the Amenities

You can use touch screens on smart fridges to look up recipes and have the fridge read off recipe directions whilst you cook. Use the smart fridge to create grocery lists that you can easily sync to your mobile as well. Smart fridges also allow you to receive expiration dates for foods that are past their prime.

Some smart fridges enable you to use a transparent touchscreen without opening the refrigerator door. Customise the temperature by compartment or drawer, or use the appliance’s inside camera to check on your milk or egg inventory. Refrigerators also alert about the status of your ice maker - very important during the holidays.

Fridge Door Sensors

Today, you can hire a fridge with sensors in the door, all which makes door opening less of a chore. Even if you softly bump the door, it will conveniently open. Some of the models feature sensors on the bottom, which respond to a nudge of the foot. If the door does not close tight, the sensors instantly pull it shut – an energy and food spoilage crisis both averted at once.

Even if you do not hire a fridge with all those smart bells and whistles, you will find that the addition will make entertaining guests easier and less distracting.