Thursday, February 28, 2013

An impressive chest

It’s February, which means every shop will be stacking their shelves with Easter eggs. (Hot cross buns have already been on the shelves for a month.) At this rate, “Christmas in July” will be when the stores start putting up the decorations.

It also means the kids are no longer on school holidays.

Now any friends who don’t have kids probably think you’re back on Easy Street. No more cries of “I’m bored”, or worrying where they might be. You can just send them off to school and get back to your book/soaps/last will and testament.

But you know it’s nothing like that. Now that they’re home every night the place looks like a pigsty. And thanks to the mountain of washing they’ve left for you, it smells like one as well.

And then there’s the never-ending battle to keep them fed.

It wasn’t so bad during the holidays. More often than not they were out with their friends, and so they were happy to skip a meal or two. But now they’re eating at home every day of the week, and you can barely keep any food in the fridge. It’s as if their stomachs are designed like Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. By renting a chest freezer from Home Appliance Rentals you can start buying your food in bulk—a real money saver. For the first time in years you’ll actually have a freezer that’s full. And because it’s covered in junk like every other flat surface in your house, the kids will be too lazy to move it all to look inside.

Of course, like any other Home Appliance Rentals appliance they’ll deliver and install it for free. And when the kids have finally moved out of home and you don’t need it any more, Home Appliance Rentals will take it away for you as well. (Sorry, but they can’t leave the freezer and take your kids away.)

So what are you waiting for? Give Home Appliance Rentals a call and start stocking up.

After all, pretty soon you’ll need to buy the Christmas ham.