Monday, January 28, 2013

Clothes maketh the mess

Congratulations! You made it to 2013.

It was a tradition Christmas—friends and relatives arriving unannounced to stay the week, being woken up at some ungodly hour to open presents, and eating twice your body weight in ham, turkey and pudding.

But things are almost back to normal now. The friends and relatives left when the food ran out, and the pile of wrapping paper should burn itself out in a few days.

But it’s taking a while to lose the 20 kilos you put on over the break, which is a problem. And not just because you have to re-stump the house.

Along with the latest gadget (iPhone/iPad/iWentBrokeBuyingThisForYou), you got a bunch of clothes. And then during the Boxing Day sales you exchanged them for clothes you’d actually wear in public.

Unfortunately your wardrobe is already overflowing to the point where you now have a “floordrobe”. And until you can fit into them all again you have no idea what to keep and what to “donate” to the pile of burning wrapping paper.

Fortunately, Home Appliance Rentals has the solution: hire a wardrobe to store all your new clothes.

Sure you could buy yourself one, but what’s the point? Chances are you’ll only need it for a month or so (unless you really went overboard with the Christmas pudding).

And if you did buy one you’d either have to lug it home and manoeuvre it into position, or spend the next three days making sense of the flat pack instructions. (“Insert part A into part B, then hit yourself in the head with a rubber mallet (not included).”

Home Appliance Rentals will not only deliver it to your house, they’ll also put it where you want it. You don’t need to life a finger—well, maybe one to tell them where your bedroom is.

And when you’ve finally sorted out your clothes and have everything stored neatly in your wardrobe (or you can at least see the floor again), they can take it away again.

On second thoughts, you may want to keep it a while. Australia Day is coming up soon, and there’s no point letting all that pavlova and lamington go to waste.