Monday, February 19, 2018

Corporate Long Term Rentals

If you're in need of corporate long term rentals, you've come to the right place. With us, you can rent anything ranging from fridges and freezers to smaller kitchen appliances, so everything is ready for inhabitants to move in and live comfortably. With our corporate long term rentals, moving to a new area because of work becomes much simpler.

What are corporate long term rentals? In short, you can rent household items to fully equip a property ready for residents to move straight in.

Why choose us for your long term rentals?

In addition to ensuring we provide high-tech items that won't let you down, we provide a vast range of long-term rentals:
Furniture to suit all rooms
Appliances for the kitchen
TVs and other entertainment items
White goods, such as fridges and washing machines
Cookware, linen, and other textiles

Is there something missing from that list? Don't worry, it isn't inclusive. Our long term rentals cover most aspects of everyday living, making it easier for you to fully equip a property temporarily.

Making corporate relocation easier

As experts in our field, we understand that corporate relocation isn't the easiest process. If someone is moving house temporarily, packing up all of their goods and moving them to a new city soon becomes costly and cumbersome for the following reasons:
They have to pay a removal company in each direction.
Items may encounter damage on the way.
It could even delay the move.

In contrast, renting the items they need when they move into temporary accommodation could be much less hassle. It's also an ideal solution if you're not sure how long a relocation will last for. Why? Because when the occupants move out, you can send the items back.

Full House Rental Packages for Corporate Long Term Rentals

Our corporate relocation services allow you to rent both large and small items. Once they're in place, your employees can start feeling at home straight away.

Our range of items is huge and we'll customise each package to meet your requirements. Setting up a new house will become hassle-free, plus we'll pack and install each item. Finally, there's a full breakdown service in place, so your residents don't have to worry about temporarily losing out on any of their home comforts.

Want to learn more? Give our friendly team a call and we'll see if the items you need are available for your area.