Friday, March 30, 2018

Moving in, moving on

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to start paying hundreds of dollars a week to a complete stranger to get out of eating dinner at four thirty in the afternoon.

Of course, that’s not the only reason people to choose to move out of their parents’ place. But I’m pretty sure it’s in the top ten, along with complaints about your music (“It’s just noise!”) and continually asking your friends if they’d like to see your baby pictures.

And so comes the day when you find yourself standing in an empty apartment (you don’t own much), marvelling at how much space there is. You are finally the master of your own domain (but certainly not your finances), and can do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t leave a mark on the wall or a chalk outline on the carpet.

Sitting on an upturned milk crate (the closest thing you have to furniture other than your bed), you think of all the things you can do now that you live on your own:

Invite friends over without the risk of being embarrassed by your parents. (Your Facebook profile is another story).

Play your music as loud as you like (or rather as loud as your earbuds can handle—your parents didn’t let you take their stereo).

Eat dinner as late as you like.

At the thought of dinner you notice the empty space where a fridge should be. Your parents didn’t let you take that either, or the television. You start listing the things you’ll need to buy:

Fridge—the leftover takeaway has to be stored somewhere

Television—you don’t watch much TV these days (if you see another game show you’ll scream), but without one your PS4 gaming console is pretty much useless

Washing machine—the last thing you need are complete strangers seeing your underwear.

Unfortunately, having just paid a bond and two weeks’ rent in advance means you’re pretty much broke. And even if you could afford to buy them, you’d then have to pay to have them all delivered.

Luckily for you, Home Appliance Rentals has created a Home Starter Pack that will have you eating reheated leftovers while watching TV in no time. For just $41.54 a week you get:

  • a fridge
  • a washing machine
  • a 66cm LED TV.

And what makes it even better is they’ll not only deliver it all, they’ll install it all as well. Just tell them where you want things to go, and they’ll get everything working before they leave. (Okay, they might not hook up your PS4 for you. But you can handle that, right?)

Oh, and if you want to upgrade that milk crate to something you can share with friends (or at least fall asleep on), you can hire lounge suites and other furniture from them as well. How cool is that?

So get in touch with Home Appliance Rentals today, get the stuff you need, and start enjoying your independence. But don’t forget that despite the weird eating times, your parents are still pretty awesome and you should visit them occasionally.

Probably Sunday. That’s when they cook a roast, isn’t it?