Monday, December 19, 2016

Use Fridge Hire Services to Make Your Holidays Effortless

Planning food requirements for the holidays and for Christmas can be tricky.  Cooking ahead helps but then you need extra space in the fridge to keep food fresh for guests. You may struggle to keep foods cool when you need the space for refrigerating beverages.  Tough choice!

If every holiday you wish you had another fridge, but the rest of the time you're just fine, a refrigerator rental might just solve all your problems.

Why Should You Hire a Fridge for Your Next Party?

If you're having a big party, will have house guests for several weeks, or just want more room in the kitchen than you currently have, refrigerator rentals give you extra space without the cost of buying another appliance that you only need some of the time.

All of our fridges are ready to go. You plug it in, let it cool down, store it, and then return it when you're done. Nothing could be simpler.

The next time you need extra cold storage, hire a refrigerator rather than trying to jam everything into one unit, or spending a fortune on ice to keep your beverages cold.

What Kind of Fridge Can I Hire?

We have several different styles and sizes of fridge available for rental. If you need just a little extra space, our small fridge will probably be plenty; if you need a whole separate storage area, our large fridge might be closer to what you need. We can also work with your budget if you have a specific need.

  • Our small fridge holds between 200 and 290L, and suits 1 to 2 people.
  • Our medium fridge holds between 291 and 390L, and suits 2 to 4 people.
  • Our large fridge holds between 391 and 490L, and suits 3 to 5 people.
All of our fridges are frost free. Specific dimensions can vary; if you have a tight space, let us know and we will see what we have available to make sure that it will fit.

We arrange hires for both short term and long term situations. Give us a call to find out the details, and let us help you find the right hire for your situation. Let us make your next holiday event simple by hiring a fridge and expanding your storage space.