Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hire an XBox or PS4 to Keep Kids Entertained Over School Holidays

As the school holidays approach, grown-ups look for ways to keep the kids entertained. While traditional fun like hanging out with friends, enjoying a good book, and various other pursuits are still fantastic, some parents and carers want to give the kids a special treat to make the holidays more memorable. If traveling to a fun location isn't possible, choosing to hire an Xbox or PS4 can be a great way to make holidays memorable.

Why an Xbox or PS4 Makes Sense for Holidays

Many parents are concerned about buying a gaming system for their house because the systems tend to become outdated over time. They might also worry that their child would struggle to keep up with schoolwork if they have the option of playing games instead. But the school holidays offer an opportunity to relax a lot of rules and regulations, returning to the more strict rules when school is back in session.

Encourage Social Interaction

Many parents think of gaming as a solo activity, but with multiplayer games, co-op opportunities, and the other entertainment possibilities on an Xbox or PS4, a kid can hang out with friends, enjoy social interaction, and even make their house the place to be for all of their friends.

Play Physical Games

Video games often used to mean that someone spent hours with their behind firmly planted on the couch. Newer games allow for ranges of motion, and encourage physical activity. From dancing games to games that allow you to use your body to control your character, you can raise your heart rate and get a workout in while enjoying a virtual environment.

Enjoy Additional Entertainment

Xbox and PS4 are no longer just about playing video games. You can stream movies, play music, browse the Internet, and explore exclusive content. When you hire an entertainment system for your kids over their school holidays, you are giving them everything they need to stay entertained and enthused over the length of their holiday.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Your hire includes:

  • A console
  • One wireless controller
  • One Kinect sensor bar (with Xbox hires)
  • One connecting cable
  • One adventure game

You can rent or buy additional games from other sources, but we give you what you need to get started with an exciting game.

You can rent a system for a week at a time, or for six months or more. Contact us today to find out more about hiring a PS4 or Xbox for the school holidays.