Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring Time Cleanup

Spring's a great time to get in and have a clean up of all your appliances. It's very simple -

Firstly your Washing Machine - you may find your clothes aren't as clean as you would have hoped, this may be due to a build up of cleaning products both around the rim of your machine and in the hoses, best way to clean the hoses out naturally is a cup of white vinegar in a hot empty wash cycle. I know it sounds like a waste of water but it will help in the long run to eleviate any rewashing. While you have a full tub swish the water around the rim of the unit getting rid of any build up of powder especially inside the lint filter stem. It takes a few minutes and you will find your clothes cleaner than ever and smelling much fresher. (As well as the laundry smelling nicer too)

Secondly your Dryer - during winter this unit can get a real work out especially living in a unit. Make sure the back of the unit is fluff free, just use a dustbrush to brush away any lint and clean out the lint filter, this is usually found inside the unit or on the door. Pull and vacuum all the lint away, this not only makes your clothes fluff free but helps the unit run more energy efficient as it's not working overtime and overheating. It is always best to ensure a good air flow when your dryer is operating, otherwise overheating or a overfull lint filter may be a fire hazard.

Finally your Fridge - with warmer weather comes more entertaining, just before a big shop empty the fridge and pull all shelves and door bins out and wash in hot soapy water - washing up liquid is perfect - this also gives you an opportunity to throw out those strange things lurking at the back that no longer resemble any meal you've had recently. An overstocked fridge or freezer may lead to the unit overheating or simply not closing properly resulting in poor food storage. If this is the case just give our office a call and we would be happy to quote you rental pricing for a fridge that suits your lifestyle

Happy Cleaning from all at Home Appliance Rentals