Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Size Washing Machine Do I Need?

When selecting a washing machine we recommend that you select the washing machines size by taking into account a number of different factors. These include how many people will washing in the machine at one time, because in shared households it is easy to select a large washing machine based on the number of the people in the home, when in fact a smaller sized washer would suit as everyone washes their clothes separately. This may not be the case for a family though.

The larger machines have advantages over the medium sized washing machines, this is if you want to wash large blankets or sheet sets. The smaller machines are not able to circulate the clothes correctly during the washing cycle in the same way a larger washing machine can.

Water usage is also a factor, however you can adjust the water level in all the washing machines that Home Appliance Rentals supply so there should be no water wastage. If you do not fill the washing machine with clothes you simply change the water level setting prior to washing.

Therefore we recommend the following checks are carried out before selecting a washing machine:

  • How many people wash at one time
  • Do I wash double bed linen on a regular bases
  • Do I have restrictions in the area the washing machine must fit into
  • Do I require a top loader or a front loader
  • Can I turn the operating dial or do I require buttons

Additional information such as dimensions and style of machines can be found at or by calling us on 1300 800 388.