Friday, August 10, 2012

Let the (fun and) Games begin

Unless your neighbours are in the habit of cheering loudly at three in the morning, you probably know the Olympics Games are on.

Once again athletes from all over the world have come together to keep warm (they are in Great Britain, after all), and to compete for the chance to show the world they don’t know their own national anthem.

Unfortunately because of the time difference all the action happens at night, and so we’re all forced to claim two weeks of sick leave so we can recover during the day.

Note: When you’re filling out your leave forms, be sure to put down the correct reason (“Being patriotic”).

The good news is Home Appliance Rentals can make your late night ritual the next best thing to being there.

The first thing you’ll need is a big screen so you don’t miss any of the action (not to mention some of the competitors’ surnames). And Home Appliance Rentals has screens to suit every room and budget.

Of course, to get the full experience you need a good sound system. You want to hear every splash from the pool, every grunt from the athletes, and every cliché from the commentary team (it makes for a great drinking game). So why not rent out a home theatre system while you’re at it?

Chances are you’ll be watching the Games in your lounge room (unless you have a very big bedroom and very understanding partner), so you may as well be comfortable. So grab yourself a sofa bed so you can lie comfortably while the events are on and sleep through all boring stuff (athlete profiles, dressage, etc.)

Like most people, you probably have a refrigerator that’s full of food. If you’re a serious Gamer you should hire a second fridge so you can maintain those vital fluids just like the athletes. (Mind you, the stuff they drink rarely has a head on it.)

Yes, with Home Appliance Rentals you really can experience all the excitement without leaving your house. (Although we do recommend you leave your lounge room occasionally. There’s a reason we don’t hire out Portaloos, you know.)

And what happens when the Games are finally over? Well, looking at the shows that are coming on after the Olympics, you’ll want to keep the big screen and home theatre system for a while yet.

You’ll need something to watch DVDs on.