Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fighting the game console war—and winning

Congratulations. You’ve just rented your Wii gaming console from Home Appliance Rentals, and have even hooked it up to your television. (See? It was easy to connect—just like they said it would be.) Now you’re ready to load up a game and have a blast—literally if you choose the right one.

But while choosing the Wii was easy, choosing the right game can be tricky. There are literally hundreds to choose from, and they’re not cheap. And like everything else, just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.

If you’re not careful, “Wii” could also be the sound of your hard-earned cash flying out of your wallet or purse.

So how do you get to play some decent games without breaking the bank? Here are a few options.


Next time you’re roaming the aisles of your favourite DVD rental store, see if they have any Wii games you can rent out while you’re at it. It’s a cheap and easy way to try before you buy. And if you choose a good one your family may just forgive you for the awful movie they had to sit through.

Buy “pre-owned”

A lot of places now sell second-hand games (though they prefer to call them “pre-owned” or even “pre-loved”). These are often great games the original owner simply doesn’t play any more because they’ve defeated the “big boss” or whatever sinister character they were battling for three days straight. This is a great way to get games at a fraction of the cost of buying them new.


Chances are you know someone who also owns a Wii. So why not ask if you can borrow a few of their games for the weekend/month/until they ask for them back? And when you start buying a few of your own you can return the favour.

Now can have hours of fun with your Wii console from Home Appliance Rentals. At least until someone wants to watch another of those awful movies they keep renting out.