Monday, June 8, 2009

Clothes Dryer Service Alert

As part of regular maintenance and care of your clothes dryer, cleaning the lint filter after you have used it is an important habit to get into. Not only will it ensure the dryer works to its optimum at all times, it will reduce the risk of a fire in your home due to an overloaded lint filter.

When your dryer’s lint filter becomes plugged or blocked, it limits the ability of the dryer to exhaust hot air. This can cause the dryer to become over heated and increases the risk of a fire.

Most dryers are fitted with a overload switch however this should not be relied upon, as a clogged lint filter will also result in increased power usage due to the longer period of time it will take to dry your clothes.

The best approach is to carry out preventative action by ensuring the dryer filter is cleaned after ever use of the dryer which will allow the hot air can exhaust for the clothes dryer unrestricted.

Damaged dryer lint filters should be replaced, so if it has a hole in it or is just worn out, purchase a new clothes dryer filter from Mr Appliance.